Afghan Hound Rescue of California , located 20 min. South of San Francisco,is a volunteer organization dedicated to saving Afghan Hounds from homelessness and euthanasia.

Afghan Hound Rescue Of California is an indepen-
dent rescue group. We operate under the approved guidelines of, and in cooperation with the
Hound Club of America Rescue

Afghan Houndsare as susceptible to impoundment as any dog. They are picked up off the streets as strays or relinquished by their owners because of a move, illness or death, financial crisis, or other troubled circumstances. Adoption assistance is also available to those owners who can no longer care for theirAfghan and must give them up for adoption. Through the compassionate efforts and commitments to help, AHCA's volunteer members have successfully placedmany Afghan Houndsin new loving homes.

Prior to adoption, all of our rescues are evaluated by a veterinarianand treated for any medical conditions which are detrimental to the health of the dog. Additionally, all rescues are spayed/netured, up to date on shots, micro-chipped and groomed byHeather Ford who graciously donates her time to help Afghan Hounds in need.

To learn more about the very specific characteristics and needs of the Afghan Hound please visit our
Characteristics link.

Thinking about buying an Afghan Hound Puppy? Please take a moment to read the following articles from MSNBC and then visit our Resources link for our suggestions on how find the "Pawfect" Afghan Hound for you and your family.

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